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Surviving The Odds
By EmeraldRyuzaki

A Pokemon and Trainer bond is something that has been held sacred for many years. I'd know. I myself am a Pokemon. I am a shiny Umbreon. It was back when I was an Eevee when I met my trainer. I was all alone in the city. The big moving machines that humans rode in frightened me. I was told by a few stray Meowth that sometimes Pokemon get hit by them and die.

I decided to stay put. It was later that night when instead of the cold wet alley under the street light I felt caring warm arms. "What an odd color…well I don't see why she is out here all alone." I opened my eyes and looked up to see a human boy.

I wasn't quite sure if I would get along or even really get to know my new friend and partner but some time and battles were all we needed.

It was a month later when I had evolved. He was so proud of me. He had treated me like a member of his family. I felt like I had finally found a place where I could call home. All the battles that got me to be here were only wild ones. It was that warm June day that he told me we were going to be entering in tournaments.

Life was good. We ate well off of the prize money. We didn't have anything to worry about. It was me and him all the way.

Now it is August. The air was slowly cooling and the leaves were turning beautiful colors. We were approached by strange men in black outfits with red R's on them. They challenged us. They didn't play fair. It was this day I was taken away from my beloved master. The shot at me with nets until they succeeded. I heard the hurt in my trainer's cries. It reduced me to tears as well.

They tested on me…tagged me with their vile symbol. I saw the other Pokemon being held. They were taken away as well. From trainers and family. These people shredded apart family's. It was that cool day in August that I, Emerald the Umbreon, vowed vengeance.

It was two years later now. It was my trainers birthday. He would be 18 by now. We plotted this attack for years. Now was the time to return home. We busted out from out cages and attacked with all of our might. We made sure they would pay for this suffering. We now stand covered in the blood of our enemy. We bust free and separate.

It took a long time for me to reach my old home. I pawed at the door to be shooed away by some old man. I peered through the window and seen the house wasn't the same. My trainer had moved. By now I felt hopeless. I curled up under a nearby willow tree and began to sob. It was then when I found my new friend.

I hear loud bird Pokemon calls. I look around then look up. Above me there was a Noctowl. He tipped his head and spun around. "Why do you weep little girl…?" He asked. I sat up and sniffled. "My trainer has left his old den…I fought so hard to come home to him…" The wise old Noctowl flew down before me. He looked at the red on my fur coat then at the tag.

"You took of Team Rocket?" He seemed surprised. "T-team Rocket?" I ask, wiping some stray tears away. "Team Rocket is a group that wants to dominate our world…even if that means they have to lie and cheat to get there." My eyes widened. I had a flashback to that cool day in August when I was taken. I shivered and looked back to him.

"You are indeed a well-trained Pokemon…and I just may know where your trainer is." He said with a wink. I jumped up and hopped in joy. "Where! Where!" He lowered himself. "Climb on and I shall take you to him." He said. I climbed on gently and prepared to fly.

It was an hour later when the sun began to set when we found him walking down a dirt path. We flew down and landed in front of him. He smiled. "I knew you would try to find me." He spoke. His voice was so different now. "Good job Confucius." He threw his Pokeball at the Noctowl. Before he went into his ball he turned and winked. That Noctowl was his. He was searching for me.

I jump up to him and find myself being held by the same warm embrace I felt that cold night he had found me. He examined the red blotches. "Your hurt…let's get you home." He said, beginning to walk again. I felt his lips press against my forehead. "Looks like Arceus heard my plea to being you home for my birthday…" He said softly.

It's tough out there for Pokemon and trainers…but if your bonds are strong enough…nothing will keep you apart.
The male trainer was based off of my friend Split2kun.

I am his Umbreon~
Splitin2kun Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Aw, this is so sweet! <33
I totally love it! :3
Keyruka Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks you so much ~<3
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